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    We run a range of first aid training courses throughout the week at a number of different venues, including our local training centre. If you wish to book a course with us, please check our current availability using the calendar below. Don't worry if the course you want is not currently available, please still contact us because we might still be able to help!

First Aid training as team building

Apart from the obvious benefits of organising first aid courses for your staff, there is another major benefit which comes from training in first aid, which you probably haven’t even thought about.

We hear a lot of talk about team building, and how it can improve morale and productivity in the work place. The courses which focus on team building are often very expensive – especially if you have a large number of staff working for you.

Added to this, many staff who take part in “team building” courses find them, dare we say, a waste of time.

This means a waste of your money and productivity as well!

So why not use a first aid course instead?

Not only will your staff members be learning skills which are without doubt valuable, but they will also find themselves bonding as they go through the various sections of training in first aid.

Although smaller companies may have just one member of staff who has taken a first aid course, it’s a good idea to have more than one designated person (who looks after them if they’re ill or injured?). So you need to make sure there is always at least one other person who has had training in first aid available every minute of every working day.

If you are looking for team building courses or first aid training for your staff, have a look at us, we are sure to be able to help.

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